Plastering Forum

We closed down our plastering forum in 2016. We were too busy with the main few forums we run already. We wanted to be the best in a few areas, rather than spoon up a dozen forums and them all only be half measures.

As a result of that, our plastering forum closed along with us transfering over our flooring forum members to our tiling forum, which has thousands of floor fitters on there already.

So we now recommend Plasterers Forums as the place to go for plastering advice on its own. It’s run by an independent guy, Danny, who did a plastering course some time ago and runs the forum in his spare time.

It’s not owned or operated by a training centre or a tools / products supplier. So you know the advice is going to be genuine and spot on.

Plastering Forum - Free plastering advice for professional and DIY plasterers.
Plaster – In a sorry state but genuine. Not skimmed over too much. Perhaps needed touching up. Not sure. 🙂