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Discuss A fitters nightmare of a day no joke. in the Pictures of Your Work area at

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  1. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

    IMG_2186.JPG We'll actually, it is a joke:)
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  2. Neilydun

    Neilydun Active Member Pro Floor Fitter

    A light house ? would look good in a stripe !
    swerve likes this.
  3. Bobo

    Bobo Commonwealth Consultant Pro Floor Fitter

    The staircase of a thousand treads begins with the first step!
    Not such a nightmare really..........
    tedmaced likes this.
  4. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

    Haha too much...:)
  5. St1gzee

    St1gzee Member

    Reality is, most old school have already fitted even more winders than this meger image shows.
  6. 1940

    1940 Active Member Pro Floor Fitter


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