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  1. silver fox

    silver fox Member

    Been asked to recommend some flooring for a sensory room being made for a severely disabled baby. I was thinking about Quickstep Livyn. Anybody done one of these type of projects or can offer any suggestions?
  2. Alban

    Alban New Member

    Hi , I have worked on a similar rooms but the floors and walls were fitted with pvc cushion mats like in a soft play area .These where made to measure by a specialist company and about 25mm thick they supplied and fitted them .

    Thanks Alban
  3. kmcnrc

    kmcnrc New Member

    depends on individual needs of the baby. carpet or gym mats may suffice for home use if cushion pvc is out of budget.
  4. marks.fletchers

    marks.fletchers New Member

    I think R11 non slip vinyl flooring will suit best for disabled baby. It is specially designed with the level of slip resistance.

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